"Of all the arts in which the wise excel, nature's chief masterpiece is writing well." - Andre Breton

"Write with nouns and verbs, not with adjectives and advebs. The adjective hasn't been built that can pull a weak or inaccurate noun out of a tight place." -William Strunk Jr., E. B. White

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Noel Fielding and his Fascinating, Eccentric Artwork

After a friend of mine told me about Noel Fielding did all the art in the surreal comedy Mighty Boosh. I enjoy watching it when it comes on/when it came on. I usually would watch the episodes on YouTube. I have every now and then look at his work on photos, and I noticed he reminded of a few artists that I like: Picasso, Salvador Dali, and slightly John R. Dilworth, Roy Lichtenstein, and a different version of Tim Burton. Even she also told me one of his inspirations was Roy Lichtenstein and I was just so in awe when she told me and he has an art book called The Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton. Once I save up more money on it, I'll buy it. I like his eccentric style that he did on the Mighty Boosh along with it's strange humour. I strongly believe he's a modern, eccentric Picasso, if that makes any sense.

Some of these portraits gave me the idea of a modern, eccentric Picassoo.