"Of all the arts in which the wise excel, nature's chief masterpiece is writing well." - Andre Breton

"Write with nouns and verbs, not with adjectives and advebs. The adjective hasn't been built that can pull a weak or inaccurate noun out of a tight place." -William Strunk Jr., E. B. White

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lets get something straight here

I am an artist for those of you that don't know. I am on a small break of college because I have a financial issue that I am dealing with at the moment. Ever since the governor have this thing where they let undocumented immigrants getting financial aid, it's been more difficult for me to get a decent education. I don't mind or have a problem with people coming from different countries to come here and get something out of it or make something of themselves, but when they go back to their country, they want to slag off about how black or African American people or lazy. A professor failed me because my vocabulary was too strong and I was supposedly sounding professional. I took an Advanced Placement English course in high school, I can't help but to use such words, it's not like I'm putting in the wrong content or anything. That proves that racist still exist on a University level. I have been called various names, only the good ones can identify me as the "un-stereotypical" black female. College isn't mandatory but optional, he says everyone goes to college. In which who's everyone? Does he even watch the news? The economy over is so horrid, students are even protesting about how high is the tuition and all. He's a journalist and doesn't even go into political standards. I don't even like political science and I just pointed out something that is going on. Which case and proves what I am saying.

I encountered some bizarre people in my time, but nothing beats this. I dealt with a kid that is supposedly thinking he's a journalist. And is a hardcore fan of an 80's band. He slagged me off as portraying someone I'm not. He doesn't understand that I have been to multiple museums, I have taken some art courses. It's just about sketching something, oh no it goes far deeper than that. How can someone that copies and re arranges words and post and makes it his own writing and called that journalism. That's really pathetic, I believe. And he apparently considers my art 2nd grader's art and it supposedly sucks? When he clearly requested me to draw the Pet Shop Boys out for him, so by him stating words like that to me only proves that he doesn't appreciate art or more so wouldn't even purchase something that was from the same band that had to do with outside their work; he brags to adore about, but instead purchase pointless vinyls and cassette and thinking he's the number one fan and consider me jealous...Please, I get stuff from fans, because I am being myself, I don't ask for much. I make mistakes because I am human, I am not perfect. He gets people to do his bidding yet treats them like they are worthless.

If this person truly adores a band, his reviews don't really prove he has a collection or takes out time to read or comprehend about the band. How can he expect to  be a journalist, if he can't even sit up and do research but instead only take information from other fans, that might have giving half way right facts. I may talk about art all the time, but I am artist, I can't help but to discuss art. My art may not be all the way up to par, but at least, I am still determined to learn and to keep practicing. I haven't done much since I have been blogging, but my reviews clearly prove that I know something at least. I don't do all the professional type writing, since this is a blog, I rather do free writing, but that doesn't mean I'm stupid. For a person his age to be into journalism, is oddly bizarre, if he's saying he's into journalism but taken classes only revealing to me that he is just copying and pasting and calling people out of their names because of that. Then also proves that the person doesn't take constructive criticism well, but it is okay for him to slag off someone else. For a person that loves a band, those posts he does, doesn't really prove that, he doesn't do enough research to make sense what so ever.

If he wants to be a music journalist, he obviously needs to listen to all kinds of genres, and at least read and stop making all these little decoration on a blog to prove how gifted he is to make a blog, his arrogance only proves that he isn't going to do well in life. I may have a small collection, but by God, I am grateful to it. I don't need a massive collection to prove how "big" of a fan I am. I love art, it is what I am. If I want to type out like spelling words United Kingdom style, then that's on me. I love bands that stand out for me, because it shows determination of an artist. He's supposedly a songwriter, but he doesn't even appreciate art, some art isn't going to be fascinating to him, fine. But when you're a journalist, you have get into or listen to different genres to see how music developed in different decades, which he lacks that and continues with one band. That's a stagnant move there. When I blog about things, I can make several comparisons because I actually listen to other things besides the 80s. I'm not even a journalist, or an art critic, but I do reviews based on what I know and research. I may bore people with my writing, but you can't say I'm ignorant. Remember the axe swings both ways.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My physics project

This is one of my high school projects I done before I graduated. It's collaged skateboard, it was actually for a my Physics project, it had something to do with one of Isaac Newton's three Laws of Motion. Anyway, the teacher told students to be creative as possible. Knowing me, I adore being creative. I have a tendency of adding what I love passionately in something. The quality of the photo isn't all that great, but you could see I titled it "Art in Motion" It consists of photos of Jesus Christ, Soft Cell, Betty Boop, cartoons and stickers and letters. I haven't known it yet until now, that I love art with words to them. I guess when I come up with things myself. This piece remains in my backyard. Several of my class pieces are dear to me because, I took a lot of time and preparation to make them. I'm not just a sketcher or drawer or even a painter, I do all kinds of mediums really.

This is a close up of the piece. It does have little sayings on them too. This is one that definitely signifies me.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

 A vintage magazine that a Marc fan bought me, I have the full story behind it on my second blog about me discussing Pet Shop Boys and Soft Cell music videos and other art related topics. This holds an interview I have been searching for a long while! It remains in its shrinkwrap because, since it is rather old it seems to get faded or some the pages are then and a bit weak, so I keep in it. Sometimes I can't believe its actually here in my home. I plan to frame it one day! 

My only Pet Shop Boys vinyl

 This is special to me because this my only Pet Shop Boys vinyl I gotten. It was a gift for helping out some awesome fans on their move. I was the other half that helped out. It's still in good condition, if only I had a record player to play it!