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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What makes a fan? The Policy of Truth

Good question, what makes a fan really? Well fan is short for the word fanatic and they come in all forms, shapes and sizes. A fan to me is someone that obviously have an adoration or passion of something such as art, literal, politics, etc. Being a fan is someone that can relate to something or someone or show appreciation to something or someone. Being a fan is having a collection of what is to be desire but not to have so much of an obsession where it can eat you alive, meaning you are having public obsessions, or hating their partner just because you wish to be with them that way and so on. To me, that's not what is being a fan about, I mean it's fine to have fantasies to help the mind, but letting overtake your reality is simply not worth it. And then being one to do distraught things like killing a musician, sacrificing a lot for someone that barely knows you exist, etc.When you say you "love" them, do you really mean you love them or you will love them until they grow old or don't have the money. Saying you have an adoration or they inspire you is more of the proper way of saying it. And by accepting the artist's or something's imperfections also prove that you are a fan as well. When you are a fan of something, doesn't mean you have to love everything they do, I mean is that even possible?  A lot and all mean two different ways.

I show my obsession in minimal ways, such as I have a small Soft Cell collection, I even did a scrapbook with photos, interviews and what not, using my creativity and so on. I am certainly NOT one of those sickos that worship the musicians and stuff, that's not me at all. Even my Pet Shop Boys collection is small, but that doesn't mean I'm not a fan of their work. My collection maybe small, but my collection is something I can enjoy. A fan is also someone that you can have a reasonable conversation with another fan by sharing you likes, dislikes and so on. Even sharing music to others and see what you have in common maybe. It's not the amount of memorabilia of a band you have, it's the thought and the heart and personality that counts. I mean you can have a massive collection and still be a jerk. Showing and flashing around your collection and making people look or feel bad can lead to some trouble with others. There's a right way and a wrong way to do that. Telling them about your collection is one thing, but flashing it to people and what not, isn't going to prove you're a fan, except seeing it as a game and strategy and competition to the point you forget what is really being a fan about. Everyone have to start somewhere.

Not everyone is mention to have a big collection like others, a collection proves that you can afford it or people that care about you buy you stuff. Or even going to a concert proves that you have money or at the time having money to go and see what you like. But in having a collection, you should also know facts even if it's minimal facts or do research and you might find something else that you like out of your comfort zone. I'm ecletic and I'm open to all kinds of music and any decade. If you would have seen my iPod before it died, I have music from the 50's to now almost. I only had about 1,248 songs but that reveals I can listen to the new sound as well as others. I happen to be the one that is considered lucky or blessed to have sweet fans some I known longer than others, and even I haven't seen them in person, they are lovely. I didn't have to be all big and bad and brag to get anything, it was just being myself and kind to people as I usually am unless someone is crossed with me. A collection alone need support with the facts that you should know or want to know. As I said before, I get what I can, I am in no rush and all the stuff I have so far, they are enjoyable to me and I certainly have my money's worth out of them.

I also have a pin/button collection
A sticker collection
And a small Tim Burton collection developing

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