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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Alice in Wonderland books

 Sorry the image looks pixelated, this was taken from my phone.

I personally like the fantasy or fiction story of Alice in Wonderland I guess because I love to escape reality sometimes. These two books I gotten about a year ago from my school because of  the remake of Alice in Wonderland in the works of Tim Burton. I wanted to see the movie so badly, but I couldn't at the time it was in theaters, so I gotten these two books Alice in Wonderland: The Visual Guide and the actual book but it's called Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll I would have gotten Through the Looking Glass, but it was more than my budget, but I gotten a joy out of these two books. It gave me ideas of what the characters were in the story and what not and it was quite different from the animated cartoon Disney version of Alice in Wonderland, but you can still see a lot of the characters there. The Burton version was more action and more dramatic than the cartoon, but that's how cartoons are, they leave out parts of the book. I also love the illustrations in it too: eccentric that's how I like it.
I don't know if these books are available in other stores or were just to make a sell at my college store, but if you come across these books, I recommend to get them!
I personally thought that Tim Burton did the illustration for the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland like some update but it's by another artist name Camille Rose Garcia. Who knew?! His style is very distinctive.

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