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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Marc Almond tattoos from a fan that works in Amoeba Music!!

I was helping a friend out today looking for something from Amoeba which is called Record Store Day, sadly the items she wanted wasn't there. However, I did meet two Marc Almond fans, which was a treat to have! One was looking for Marc and the Mambas CDs, I informed her that's pretty rare material since they weren't really established, I did say Amazon would be a good source, or if you're fortunate to ask Marc fans and do a trade in! Anyway, when I was going to pay of my items, the guy was ecstatic to see that there's another Marc fan in the midst, he showed me some radical Marc Almond tattoos! One from the CellMates era and then from Marc and the Mambas, I didn't want to hold him up since it was packed over there, so I was able to take these photos of his arm tattoos, pretty neat isn't it? Yes, there are Marc Almond/Soft Cell fans out here, may not be everywhere, but hey you can't beat a person who knows good music and Marc Almond is just that talented! This was the highlights of my day, after going through some minor issues, finding rare Pet Shop Boys items and then meeting two Marc Almond fans was just splendid, I don't really pay attention or look for fans, I just focus on what I need to do and if there are fans of the artists I adore, then hey I can't complain! I just thought to add this because this is INDEED a favourite art moment! :D 

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