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Saturday, May 5, 2012

My High School graduation remembrance


My high school graduation
It was like almost yesterday, it’s almost been two years since I’ve graduated. It was a funny moment of my life.  I remember having to practice with my classmates with the seating and gestures and everything. Since I was one of the honor students, I had to be on the second row. You see, they had it divided from the honorary to the regular students. My grade point average was a 3.43 a “B”. I was shocked because I didn’t think I made it on the honor roll. I had tragic moments during my high school years, like both my grandmothers died a year apart and one of my grandfather’s was sick and my father at the time slipped on the floor trying to make to my graduation.  Everyday I would ask my friends and teachers to sign my yearbook, it was an astonishing moment for me, because again I didn’t think I would graduate. On top of that, being accepted to a University of California, it was too good to be true! I honestly felt like a nobody at my middle school graduation, they forgot I was one that been in that school for nine years, but it was funny because my mother embarrassed the school, West Angeles Christian Academy, which is a of now, a tutoring place. I made a few good friends, and a few good teachers too, but the rest was just horrific, and glad I made it out of there. Compare to Community Harvest Charter School, thank God for that school, I hardly made enemies there and the education was just right, I really gained a lot from Community Harvest, I know they are going through a rough financial battle at the moment, almost seem like I was destined to be there, because I gotten out in a nick of time! I really had no idea one of the staff knew who my family were on my father’s side, it quite shocked me when I saw her at one of my grandparent’s funerals. Anyway, the day it happened, it was pulsating because not knowing where people will be after years to come, and seeing my fellow classmates that were salutatorian and a valactorian* I think that’s how you spell it, they had the highest grade point averages and had to do speeches. I gave out invitations too,  to my family including a friend I known in my art classes. It was emotional, and a fantastic event. I remember my feet were in pain because I had to stand up in a line to be inside the building. I can’t find my white robe string, but I do have my honor roll medal that has my name engraved with my grade point average. I would usually wear it when I’m trying to use different styles when I dress. It was remarkable to finally feel like I accomplished something as a starting point of my life. I enjoyed the tassle/cap in the air moment. Luckily we all had our names on them so we would remember who’s who, because they were head size custom made. My mother told me something that really stood out to me: You’re not too high or too low, being in the middle is the best thing you can be in anything. She’s right, it’s like trying to say being over qualified or something like that but being just right, is the best part. I had both pieces of my family members five from my mother’s side and five from the father’s side there. I only wished my father was there and then my late grandmothers. However, one of my aunts told me that she had a vision of my her mother saying that’s my baby or something like that, she was happy, and she said it had to be about me because it occurred about round the graduation. We also received another medal for just graduation, I can’t find at the moment, it had the school’s symbol the eagle, some received the USC scarf for joining the University of Southern California(one of the top universities), the robes( they came in three colors: gold/yellow for the top two students, above 4.0, red was for the 4.0s, and white(which I had) was for 3.0s grade point averages and then the plague, which is in storage at the moment, of our certificates of graduation.   I also wished one of my best friends graduated with me, but she graduated a year later, which wasn’t bad.

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