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Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Linkin Park items and Concert remembrance

I recently purchased two Linkin Park items, these are limited edition items one is based on the music video "Breaking the Habit" and consist of the anime of it and the DVD of how the video was made and the music video. I love anime, so I thought it was a brilliant choice and it didn't cost so much at all! The item on the right is Minutes to Midnight, which was the same concert with some friends. The song "What I've Done" was the ending theme of the first Transformers movie. The first time I heard of Linkin Park went even further. They did a remix of Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence" now at first, I really didn't like the remix, but after a while, it started to grow on me, and I gotten fascinated by Linkin Park. Then by watching the first Transformers movie , that's what gotten into them as well. I downloaded a lot of their songs.

The Concert: The concert was around March I think, it's been a while! It was a few years back. I remember I asked my mother if I could go to the concert because Kimmy and Carla said you should go and have fun. She let me go because of my grades were so good, and she believe I deserved it. My aunt took me because it was at the Staples Center( mostly any concert or big events happen there along with the the Convention Center, which is next door to the Staples Center) I already purchased a ticket, because they were selling out like crazy! My ticket I remember it was $52.00 my seat was at the top, I remember seeing so many people there, you can hear several voices at once. I wanted to bring my camera but the note said no cameras (which I so regretted it!). I was in the wrong sit because I looked at the numbers wrong, I guess being excited and nervous at being at your first concert, things happen like that. There were two other acts before Linkin Park though, I think one was called Coheed and another band I can't remember at the moment. But when Linkin Park came to the scene, everyone was standing up! I was sitting and chatting with two fans next to me, they were so excited! I had to stand up the rest of the concert because I couldn't see the band and then I was too far away, but around you, you could see several lights flashing like stars in the sky, because everyone had their cameras. My old phone which was a razor, the photos I don't have anymore, but there was a screen/projectile/projector they had where you can see the musicians, my camera on my phone was terrible, all I kept getting was Chester Bennington and not the other band mates. The first song they perform funnily was "What I've Done." After half of the concert, I saw Kimmy and Carla, they were sitting diagonally from me. They already had their tickets when they told me about the concert so it made sense, when you have concerts, they have assigned seats oddly enough. The concert was an astonishing experience, the musicians especially Chester were vibrant and lively, and I was told he was sick that day too, it was amazing because he did back flips and all kinds of jumping and shouting so it was hard to believe that he was sick. I know another class mate was over there but he had the VIP ticket, obviously he paid in advance. After the concert, I said goodbye to my friends and my aunt was waiting patiently for me, and I was checking up on her, and it was a few minutes to midnight (henceforth the album title) and I wanted merchandise from the concert but it was so costly. I know Carla had a beautiful shirt and Kimmy had a jacket with the symbol LP submerge together like the book you see in the photo. I remember there were bands that do promotional when big bands come out. So they were passing out CDs and stuff this band name Panima(I still haven't gotten around of listening to it.) I took it because I knew how it felt when you want to promote yourself and stuff: common courtesy. Finally after that, I asked my aunt could I please get a shirt so I gotten the shirt you see on the photo below, it was not from the inside, it was one of those discounted people who sell cheap or discounted  merchandise so basically, I gotten my shirt for $10.00, I was satisfied enough because my friends had to pay almost $100 for their clothes ware. I had a smashing night, once I find the shirt I can put the actual date on it. I come across the shirt every now and then, I would wear it sometimes. This was indeed a fine art moment I think! I do plan to go to more concerts soon, the only other concerts I have been to were jazz concerts called Jazz Fest West where they have them from next door to the water park Raging Waters. (I might have a blog post on that so stay tuned!) Again it was a great moment for me, because even to this day my mother and I were shocked she made that decision to let me go to one!

This is me with my Linkin Park shirt, and this is one of my friends Kimberly.
She was one of the friends that went to the same concert. 

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