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Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Joy Division/ New Order collection

This is my Joy Division and New Order collection. The two sources I gotten from were Amazon and Amoeba. A couple of friends told me about Joy Division, after seeing bits of Control on YouTube and checking out Unknown Pleasures as well, I guess my interest went a bit deeper. I knew about the connection between two bands, but after hearing about them, and actually watch footage, they are actually pretty good! I still have one more I do have in my wish list: an Ian Curtis poster. I still have to read Torn Apart to see what more depth of the situation. It was so strange because the same year and day Ian committed suicide was the same as Mt. St. Helens volcano erupted and it was a helluva eruption too, it wiped out a lot of nature and civilians! When I see the volcano few years ago, it was so peaceful made me wonder was it the same volcano that caused so much terror.
The recent items are Heart and Soul and 20 Years of New Order but it also contained music of Joy Division, it was a promo disc, considered to be rare it was only $20! Heart and Soul from the looks of it is really good, the booklet is really nice. I still need to explore on these two bands, and are definitely a worth of interest!
Control is an excellent movie, Anton Corbijn did a fine job with this movie, the characters really suit and gave me a feel on how Ian was before he died and how the post punk era was really raw in the since of non sugar coating. The two interview DVDs are another fine items to have, they have astonishing bonus features!
New Order Technique(2-disc CD) and Joy Division's Still are considered out of print items! 

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